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Power Pack 5000 With Micro USB/ USB Cable Rose Gold

Power Pack 5000 With Micro USB/ USB Cable Rose Gold

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backup power anywhere with a slim, lightweight power bank (aka portable charger) in your bag or pocket, it's easy to charge up anywhere. 5,000 mah can recharge a state-of-the-art smartphone up to 1.5 times over, providing an additional 19 hours of call time or 11 hours of web browsing.* the universal usb-a port delivers up to 2.4a to quickly and safely charge your favorite devices. with a 2.0a input the battery recharges quickly between uses. charges iphone 7 (running ios10) up to 1.5 times on a single charge in internal testing. additional battery life equates to 19 hours additional call time or 11 hours browsing using 3g internet on iphone 7 (running ios10), based on call time from a single charge (source: which.co.uk)

quickly power up need an emergency charge? this power bank (aka portable charger) has a universal usb-a port that delivers up to 2.4a for fast, safe charging of devices like smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, headphones, speakers, action cameras, bluetooth-enabled devices, or even small drones.

charge up anywhere the compact and lightweight polymer battery cells are housed inside of a plastic that is lightweight and durable. a slim design allows the power bank to fit inside your bag or pocket, so it's easy to take everywhere.

safety and quality efficient battery cells provide maximum output of power while also being extremely safe during use. belkin batteries include sensors that monitor heat, voltage and circuitry. excess heat, voltage fluctuation or circuit abnormalities activate an override that shuts the battery down immediately for ultimate safety.

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